Restorations & Modifications

At our spacious 26,000+ square foot, modern facility, we work on all makes and models of vintage cars, hot rods, post and pre-war vehicles. With specially trained technicians and specialists on staff, we can modify any component in your vehicle to either restore its maximum performance and reliability–or improve it–while maintaining its originally intended manufactured appearance. For larger jobs, we can completely restore a vehicle from the ground up.

Whatever you need, Competition Motors has you covered from the top of your classic or vintage automobile to its undercarriage–and just because this kind of work takes time, it does not mean our fees are exorbitant. We work with all kinds of different car aficionados, many of whom have different price points. We will work with you to achieve your goals.


Our mechanics and technicians work on all makes and models, including American made cars—and no job is too small or large for our highly skilled team. We can repair everything from the most minor of problems to those that are more complex and require significant trouble-shooting.

We also conduct research into every vehicle before we begin work to determine which items were original to that particular car as well as any replacement parts that may be available and what materials will be required.

We not only take pride in our work and in our ability to deliver the very best finished product, we take great pains to deliver the very best customer service experience. It is not enough that we do our work well, we want our customers to feel engaged in the process, especially if we are restoring someone’s proverbial “baby.”

In House Dyno

We can test and adjust every motor we build with our in-house dyno to ensure our customers do not experience any problems. Dyno-tuning enables us to test and adjust your car’s settings in a controlled environment where even the slightest changes can be measured.

Benefits from a dyno test include more power, increased vehicle reliability and fuel economy, greater torque spread and improved throttle response. At Competition Motors, we custom tune engines, which means we use different settings and maps based on the unique specifications of each motor. Such attention to detail ensures that every motor we place into a chassis has undergone a rigorous break-in and adjustment regimen.

Machine Shop

Utilizing AutoCAD and ProtoTRACK technologies, our full service, in-house machine shop can reproduce the parts needed to return your vehicle back to—or take it beyond—its original equipment standards. With the aid of a metal lathe, a surface grinder and a wide variety of precision measuring tools, we can produce parts as simple as a bolt or as complicated as a front wheel spindle.


We can meet all your welding and fabrication needs, as our experienced technicians are well-versed in the processes of Tig (Tungsten Inert Gas), Mig (Metal Inert Gas) and Oxyfuel welding.

We conform to the highest standards of welding in aluminum and steel alloys, cast, plate and sheet metals along with the fabrication of steel and aluminum body panels as well as chassis structures.

We use the Eutectic TeroDyn 2000 HVOC (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray Coatings) to protect parts from wear, corrosion, erosion, and friction.

Upholstery Shop

Whether you have a hot rod or a sedan, we can take care of any interior upholstery job, as no project is too simple or complex for our highly skilled team. To ensure you get the quality results you deserve, we only use the highest quality materials available.

We never make any substitutions either, as we only use restoration techniques that are true to the original methods and materials used by the manufacturer. Examples of the kinds of services we offer include:

– Custom Leather Seat Covers

– Custom Suede Headliners

– Domestic and Foreign Vehicle Interior Services

– Classic Vehicle Interior Services

– Hot Rod Interiors