About Competition Motors Ltd.

Founded in 1984, Competition Motors provides restoration and rebuilding services for vintage cars, hot rods, post war and prewar vehicles. We work on all makes and models and take tremendous pride in working with a diverse clientele that shares our passion for all things related to vintage automobiles.

In addition to servicing vehicles, we also sell them. Whether customers are looking to have us restore their vehicle or purchase one we have already restored, we are dedicated to ensuring everyone with whom we work receives the care and assistance they deserve.

We work on and sell more than classically beautiful vintage automobiles. We deliver a complete full-service customer service experience tailored to suit individual needs. We cater to car collectors that value and absolutely demand the best.

Our Process

When either restoring or simply working on a classic car, there must exist a painstaking attention to detail, as each vehicle is unique. With this in mind, we evaluate each car on its own merits. Has it suffered unusual wear and tear? Is it structurally compromised? Are items missing?

We then conduct meaningful and exhaustive research into the car to determine and what materials we can manufacture or must source on our own. We are upfront and frank throughout the entire process and take a great deal of pride in educating current and prospective customers on their respective vehicles.

We realize these vehicles are not mere “things,” but in many cases the very embodiment of our customers’ dreams, which is why we have developed a restorative and modification process that emphasizes world-class customer service.

Our History

Our success resides in our unwavering passion for the automobile, which was instilled in our company by founder and avid car collector Donald Koleman. Under his direction, Competition Motors evolved from a company primarily committed to the restoration, service, sales and culture of Bugatti automobiles to a full-service shop in the ‘90s that worked with any make or model vintage automobile.

By the late ’90s, it was apparent we were the victims of our own success, as it was clear we had outgrown our beloved vintage garage in Salem, Massachusetts. After an exhaustive search for new and expanded quarters, we relocated to a 26,000+ square foot, modern facility with a showroom/gallery in the historic city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Our location in NH enables us to sell our vehicles without any additional sales tax, which represents a substantial savings and added value for our discerning customers.